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Community Education & Development for Sonoma County & the North Bay


Mission of the Skaggs Island Foundation

Skaggs Island is located in the delta where Sonoma Creek flows into San Pablo Bay.  The mission
of the Skaggs Island Foundation is to promote the educational, economic, environmental, and
cultural development of the North Bay Region.  Our concerns include sustainable community
development and community leadership grounded in the values of humanistic psychology
and social science. 

SIF Web Pages:

      Sustainable Community Economics.  Sustainable communities require
Complementary Economics
theories—theories that deal with the areas of economics
not adequately covered by conventional price-auction market economics—in
three important areas:  1) A general theory of money, developed by Thomas H.
Greco, Jr., and Bernard A. Lietaer.  2) An Economics of the Commons that deals
with the sectors of goods and services produced and/or consumed collectively, and
3) The application of macroeconomic modeling to the community and regional

      Basic Human Rights Documents

      Skaggs Island Reuse Plan (the first project of Skaggs Island Foundation)



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