Skaggs Island Reuse Plan
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Executive Summary

Four years of sustained public effort and the contributions of many public and private individuals and institutions have produced an innovative, practical, and financially sound Reuse Plan for the former Naval Security Group facility at Skaggs Island. The challenge of the Skaggs Island Reuse Committee was to design a plan to effectively implement the public's stated desires for Wetlands Restoration, Technical-Vocational Education, Affordable Housing, and Affordable Public Conference and Outdoor Recreational Facilities. This challenge has been met by seeking out and adopting the very best ideas currently available in the nation in the fields of Environmental Technology, Technical-Vocational Education, School to Work Transitional Training, Telecommunications, and Geographic Information Systems technologies.

This includes and integrates three related types of documents:

(1) The Reuse Plan for the former Naval Security Group improved facilities at Skaggs Island, Sonoma County.

(2) An application to the U.S. Department of Education for a Public Benefit Conveyance of the property for Educational Purposes.

(3) Detailed descriptions and documentation of the many innovative twenty-first century educational programs proposed for Skaggs Island.

The Skaggs Island Reuse Plan appropriately focuses on using the facilities at Skaggs Island as a Technical-Vocational Training Site for youth. Like a training ship operated by the Naval Maritime Academy,the entire Skaggs Island facility is to be used as a training facility for employable technical skills in the fields of Facilities Management and Maintenance, Hospitality Services, Environmental Technologies,Telecommunications, and Geographic Information Systems Technologies.

From the more immediate perspective of Technical-Vocational Education, this planned reuse of Skaggs Island is a significant step towards developing a new regional Technical-Vocational social support system. Military downsizing, technological change, and globalization have collapsed traditional paths towards employment for non-college youth. Skaggs Island programs may provide a much needed small scale testing ground or pilot station for developing programs which can then be expanded and transferred to other institutions in the region.

From the broader and more long range perspective of Regional Economic Development, these documents also constitute a clear vision and a practical strategy for taking a very positive step towards achieving environmental sustainability and economic growth in the North San Pablo Bay Region in the Twenty-First Century. A careful reading of the various program proposals will take the reader to the cutting edge of current developments and practices in Technical-Vocational Training, Environmental Technology, and Geographic Information Systems.

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