Unreasonable Women &emdash; Who’s Being Unreasonable?

Copyright © 2002 by Jeff Gates|

The facts below are ‘pattern-recognition tools’ meant to enable the reader to see what’s just over the horizon if we continue on the ‘reasonable’ path now embraced by both major political parties. As chronicled below, the management of the nation’s affairs has been a disaster. Absent dramatic change, that disaster is destined to deepen. We consider that unreasonable.

The Management of Domestic Policy


The Management of Foreign Policy

Anyone not outraged is out to lunch. Anyone not profoundly saddened is profoundly ill-informed. Yet now that even community-based radio broadcasting has been converted into a financial property &emdash; and consolidated -- we find that a single firm, Clear Channel, owns 1,200 radio stations where HardRight icon Rush Limbaugh dominates drive-time eardrums, crowding out other perspectives like nothing ever experienced in American politics.

After several decades of Reverse Robin Hood policies embraced by ‘both’ political parties, our children face a future that’s dangerously dysfunctional: socially unjust, economically unworkable, politically destabilizing, fiscally devastating, culturally ruinous and ecologically unsustainable. According to a broad range of social, fiscal, cultural, political and environmental indicators, the world’s "richest" nation is experiencing a steady 20-year decline across a broad array of key quality-of-life indicators and in numerous living systems.

As American politics waits for Americans to wake up &emdash; as they will -- we face record-breaking debt, record-breaking trade deficits, reduced government services, a crumbling and under-funded infrastructure, and three major public-sector programs &emdash; Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid &emdash; expected to double as a share of the economy, putting unimaginable pressure on tax rates, the economy and the budget. And that’s before taking into account the financial burden of waging a faraway and weakly justified war.

The results make it clear: systemic corruption accompanies support for a model that is itself systemically corrupt. After two full decades of market fundamentalism wed to fiscal crowding-out, the future our children face amounts to intergenerational financial and ecological terrorism. We’ve heard the rhetoric from ‘both’ parties. A child-honoring society requires better results. In a nation whose charter insists that ours is a system meant to endure "for the ages," we will remain unreasonable until we detect some semblance of decency and plain, sane common sense.

November 21, 2002